Ryan Meyer


To further advance my skill as a designer, programmer, and scripter by creating original and engaging experiences.


DigiPen Institute of Technology - Graduated May 2009

Major - B.S. in Real-Time Interactive Simulation - Equivalent to a B.S. in Computer Science

Minor - Mathematics

Technical Experience

Editors - Unity 3D, Unreal Editor, Kismet, Radiant, Hammer Editor

Computer Languages - C/C++ (6 years), LUA (4 years), C# (3 years), Visual Basic (2 years), Perl (1 year)

APIs - STL (3 years), DirectX (3 years), XNA (3 years), Nitro / TWL (2 years), OpenGL (1 year), PhysX (1 year), Bullet (1 year), wxLua (1 year)

Tools - Visual Studio, Perforce, SVN, Code Warrior, Pix, Jira

Professional Experience



March 2012 - Current

Created and implemented the UI for both the menu systems and in game experience. Developing the UI required me to work closely with all the different development teams. Taking feedback and using iterative development was a key part of the creation process.


  • Unnanounced title - Estimated multiplatform release November 2013


  • Created and implemented UI functionality
  • Analyzed user feedback to initiate iterative development of UI systems
  • Self driven research to use Blend Xaml controls in a custom engine

Game Designer

FuelCell Games

Feb 2010 - Feb 2012

Worked on the Summer of Arcade title "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" for XBLA. Being part of the small team meant more responsibility, but also more creative freedom. This was both a challenging and rewarding experience.


  • "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet" - released on XBLA June 2011
  • "Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet - Shadow Hunters" - released on XBLA October 2011
  • "Conquer" - unreleased prototype 2012
  • "Ship Studio" - unreleased prototype 2012


  • Scripted enemy AI for single player and network play
  • Designed and implemented level scenarios and boss encounters
  • Independently responsible for the camera system
  • Created co-op gameplay mode Lantern Run

Lead Designer

EveryWare Inc.

May 2009 - Current

Everyware is made up of five industry professionals who get together in their free time to have fun and make great games. Our latest project "Power Defense" is due out for release in 2012.


  • "Power Defense" - unreleased DSiWare title


  • Designed game concept and rules of play
  • Level design and creation around portable hardware restrictions
  • Trained art team to use Nintendo DSi toolset

World Designer

Surreal Software

Sep 2008 - Jan 2010

Worked on the ambitious open world game "This is Vegas". Late in 2009 Warner Brothers Interactive purchased the studio and moved the majority of the team onto "War in the North". TIV was subsequently cancelled, and I moved to FuelCell Games.


  • "This Is Vegas" - unreleased Xbox 360, PS3, and PC title


  • Set up level streaming for an open world game
  • Implemented the traffic system including crosswalks, traffic lights, and parking
  • Created Nav Mesh and material path types
  • Populated the game world with interactable objects and NPC spawners

Specialties Overview


  • Use Unity 3D professionally for PC and Mobile
  • Unreal Editor for the project This is Vegas
  • Kismet for creating interactable objects
  • Custom CoD maps using Radiant
  • Modding Half Life 2 using the Hammer Editor


  • AI logic for NPC objects
  • Nav mesh and pathfinding systems
  • Camera systems
  • Cinematic scripting
  • Set piece encounters
  • Binding of Lua functions to C++
  • Serialization for saving and loading
  • Use of wxLua for custom game editors
  • Reading and writing session data to files for debug info and game statistics


  • AI logic for both client / server objects
  • Design for networked gameplay
  • Interpolated smoothing for objects


  • Vector Geometry
  • Linear Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Curves & Surfaces


  • Use of PhysX, Bullet, and Box2D in game projects
  • Physics based gameplay
  • Motion Dynamics

Game Development

  • Experience with both large and small teams
  • Use of agile project management strategies
  • Ability to meet strict milestone deadlines

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